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 Based out of Waynesburg, Kentucky, Kenny’s Pulling Parts & Machine manufactures top-quality truck parts.

Get top-quality truck parts, as well as expert application information about tractor pulling and clutch assembly, from our professionals. Kenny’s Pulling Parts & Machine also offers you SFI approved flywheel assembly.

We have 30 years of expertise in machine manufacturing, and 20 years building custom flywheels and clutches. Call us today for the part you’re looking for and we will custom design it to fit your application.

You can count on us for engine and drive train parts, as well as rebuilding any type of clutch too. We take pride in our work and you’ll find we have affordable prices, so you’ll definitely be a satisfied customer.

Stop in or contact us today for part information, price, and availability. We’re conveniently located on Highway 27.

WHY KENNY'S? Because we are the BEST!

Proven Performance

Many of the world’s top pullers trust Kenny’s. Win more, set more records, and achieve more when you choose Kenny’s.

Our list of record holders speaks for itself. To name a few:

Class – Names

Guaranteed Durability

Our clutches are engineered to handle the extreme stress of a performance environment.

We custom build your clutch to work with your entire vehicle combination; this results in better durability, performance and efficiency overall.

Our clutches are also backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.

Unmatched Service

We want you to be happy with our products and our service.

We have a knowledgeable technical staff, a friendly office staff, an excellent warranty, a 90-day free adjustment period, and a commitment to provide you with the best clutch on the market today.

Your success is our obsession.

Unbeatable Value

Our value is in our products’ performance, technical knowledge, and our ability to provide you with a clutch that is better then our competitors.

Ask yourself, what is winning worth?



You do not find better guy than Kenny. Parts are awesome and can tell they take pride in what they do. A++


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